Our Programs are so enjoyable that you will forget it’s therapy… Guaranteed.

By combining traditional therapy with in-water, animal-assisted therapy, we design programs just for you and your family’s needs. Our programs take place in the water with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and in our therapy rooms.

Read more about the therapy programs we offer, and reach out to learn more about how our program might work for you.

Every day will be life changing.

We will plan activities that address and coincide with your specific needs in an environment where therapy feels playful and full of fun.

The amount of time spent at IDC will be determined by the program created for you. Most families will be at the facility for two hours per day, and your time with us can be single or multiple days.

One of the principles of child development identified in the National Association for the Education of Young Children states, “Play is an important vehicle for developing self-regulation as well as for promoting language, cognition, and social competence.” All of these areas of development are critical, and as with most skills in the early years, best learned through play.

What we can help you with



Assisted technology

Sensory integration  


Sibling relationships

Self esteem

Fine motor, gross motor, and organization skills 

Peer support

Guidance and resources

Suggestions for navigating everyday life 


IDC will always work to accommodate your financial situation

We will never ask what type of insurance you have.

In order to provide programs to as many individuals and families that want to attend as possible, we depend on our generous supporters and donors. We provide a sliding scale so that everyone contributes what they are able. Please inquire about the options available to you.

Our trained & licensed therapists help participants and their families living with developmental disabilities and a variety of health conditions. Our clients include veterans, children, adults, and families.

Our approach is positive and accepting – and the results occur simply because IT IS fun, in an environment satiated with kindness, joy, and stimulating or motivating activities with our dolphins, bringing purpose to their lives each day. 


Seeing the need for alternative approaches and a form of therapy that stimulates joyous enthusiasm while providing the potential for growth and development, we have built a program that addresses and supports the challenges faced by those with autism and their families.

We replace challenges with heartfelt hopefulness by helping with:


Assisted technology solutions

Communication & sensory challenge

Helping to develop organizational skills

Support for the whole family 

Contact us, and let’s get your visit to IDC started. 

It begins here.



Just like you, our founders found themselves navigating the world of having a child with special needs. The therapy program they created at IDC for everyone brings hope and a new outlook for the journey ahead.

The experience is refreshing and full of new ideas, tools for everyday use, and inspiration for the entire family. While feeling challenged, you will feel the warmth and loving support of the staff and other families like you on similar journeys.

We will work together and show you step by step how you can continue and experience even more success once back at home.

Contact us, and let’s get your visit to IDC started. It begins here.


Assisted technologies are used to assist many individuals with disabilities. Technology solutions can range from very low-tech solutions to very high-tech solutions.

Because there are so many choices, navigating through the finding the right one for you or your child or family member can be a challenge. Our staff will introduce you to what’s available and what might work well for you. We will work hard helping you practice with the many devices we have on premises to find the one that is right for you!

Learn about solutions that can help with communication, movement, and motivation, including:


Computer and memory games

Speech-, touch-, or eye-gaze-activated devices

Speech- and touch-activated computers

Eye-gaze technology 

Contact us, and let’s get your visit to IDC started. 

It begins here.



22 veterans commit suicide each day.

That is why IDC is doing what we can to help. 

Our veteran program acknowledges the needs of veterans and their families. We provide the safety needed to assist you in your journey the heal from PTSD, injuries, wounded dreams, relationships, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Our program is designed especially with these considerations in mind, and, at IDC, we are dedicated to helping veterans, military personnel, their families, gold star families, and children. It can begin with us…

We acknowledge, allow, and provide opportunities for you to:

  • Redefine disability to ability
  • Help get you back on the path and journey you deserve and desire 

A beginning to:

  • Reintegrate within the community
  • Solidify relationships with family
  • Have an enjoyable day
  • Come back home one step at a time
  • Find a reason to be
  • Experience that a good life is possible
  • Experience our dolphins 

Contact us, and let’s get your visit to IDC started. It begins here.


At IDC, we are dedicated to giving back and helping Covid-19 frontline heroes and their families. In a time filled with so much uncertainty, there is nothing in question about the courage being practiced by those on the front line during the Covid-19 crisis.

We provide the safety needed to assist you in your journey to heal from depression, anxiety, and stress. The therapeutic effect of being in the water with nature and our beautiful dolphins will bring a sense of calm, peace, and freedom.

IDC’s Covid-19 Heroes Therapy Program is provided upon availability and funding at no cost to Covid responders and is reliant upon generous donations, foundations, and individuals who want to support those who have been courageously taking care of us and our loved ones throughout this time.

Who is this program for?

  • Frontline workers, doctors, nurses, first responders, fire fighters, veterans, and their families 
  • Grieving families who have lost a loved one due to Covid-19
  • Families that care for an individual with special needs and that have been isolated without services or support during quarantine

An experience to:

  • Promote emotional healing
  • Reduce stress
  • Remind you that a good life is possible again
  • Participate in animal-assisted activities with IDC’s 8 resident dolphins
  • Send you home with a sense of renewal
  • Have fun!

Contact us, and let’s get your visit to IDC started.

If you know of anyone who might be a good candidate for this program or if you are interested in supporting these life-changing efforts, call 305-451-5884.


We understand that there isn’t anyone way to approach therapy for those with special needs. We are happy to talk through and design the perfect experience for you and your family. We want anyone who needs help to learn from staff who have years of experience, compassion, and the skills you have needed and wanted to have a life-changing experience.


Our Group Therapy programs are designed for groups of families or organizations that include children or adults who have special needs or illnesses.

Available activities:

Dolphin swim and therapeutic activity

Therapeutic play from the dock

Therapeutic activity session

Visit the touch tank

Enjoy a picnic lunch 



Increase self-esteem

Fun community outing

Peer support

Family bonding 

Past groups and organizations:

  • Pediatric patient camps from the hemophilia, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and The American Cancer & Heart Associations
  • Patients from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Joe DiMaggio Hospital, Baptist Hospital, and The Miami Cancer Institute
  • Special School groups, ESE classes, and clubs 

Our Donors

Virtual & Covid Frontline Workers Program in partnership with The Miami Foundation
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IDC Dolphin Virtual Visits

Virtual Dolphin Visits! Bringing the joy of spending time with the IDC dolphin pod to you. 

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Support our dolphin family and our programs by making a donation. 

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Hours of Operation

Due to COVID, IDC is unavailable for in-person visitors. Virtual visits are available. Please email to reserve yours.

Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Sat-Sun 10AM-4PM