Research helps us learn how to better care for our dolphins and support our ocean conservation efforts.


Submit your proposals, and our committee will review and assist you in your efforts. Accepted proposals will receive the support of our staff, and we can even help fulfill tenure requirements.

Approved by scientific committee, currently consisting of:

Richard Spinrad, NOAA’s Chief Scientist

Brian LaPointe, Ph.D., Research Professor – Florida University

Dr. Clarice Yentsch, Waypoint Foundation

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Research Lists and Bibliography

Must submit request for consideration


Examples of publications and presentations based on research performed in cooperation with Island Dolphin Care.

Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science

Cooper, N. J., Richardson, J. L., Eskelinen, 

H. C., & Cooper, A. 

Training transformation: Overhauling the training protocol of two marine mammal facilities in the Florida Keys.

Journal of the 

Acoustical Society of America

Eskelinen, H. C., Jones, B. L., & Kuczaj, S. A.

The ontogeny of whistle production in infant Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) during the first thirty days of life.

International Journal of 

Comparative Psychology

Kuczaj, S. A., Highfill, L. E., & Byerly, H. C.

The importance of considering context in the assessment of personality characteristics: Evidence from ratings of dolphin personality.

Florida International University

Christina Lydon (Ph.D. Candidate)

Isolation and characterization of potential neurotoxic algal metabolites associated with intoxication of captive bottlenose dolphins in the Florida Keys.

University of Southern Mississippi 

Shaun Perisho (Ph.D. Candidate)

Multifractal scaling in bottlenose dolphin movements over time.

International Marine Animal Training Association

Cooper, N. J., Richardson, J. L., Byerly, 

H. C., & Cooper, A. G.

Training transformation: Overhauling the training protocol of two marine mammal facilities in the Florida Keys. 

I am in awe of the care that goes to every dolphin, every person and detail that goes into the facility.”

– Former IDC Researcher

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